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What Jason Leffler Taught Me About Life…and how he changed mine.

August 14th, 2013

I have a terrible confession to make … I was late for Jason Leffler’s memorial service on the afternoon of June 19. After already working an 8 hour day by 1 p.m., I worked up until the very last second my poor time management skills allotted for the commute from Uptown Charlotte to Grace Covenant Church in Lake Norman, and of course I then met with traffic on 77 North. After arriving 15 minutes late, I sat in the car for another 10 minutes feeling too ashamed to go inside. Because I knew Jason would’ve been mad at me, not for being late per se, but for being late because of work.


Rewind to a Friday night in Birkdale in 2009. I’d taken my laptop to Starbucks to do some writing when I heard Jason Leffler’s voice from the neighboring patio at Red Rocks Café (of course, that was his spot).

“What are you doing?” he shouted to me.


“That’s all you do, you’re no fun!”

“I know. I’m a dork. Don’t judge me.” But he did judge — that I needed to stop working so he started peer pressuring me to start living.

After resisting and looking back down at my computer screen, he proceeded to walk over and pick me up and carry me over to the Red Rocks patio (yes, he was actually able to pick me up). Though he did need help getting me over the patio fence, and thankfully a waiter ran over to come to his (and my) aid , which is when he asked him to go grab my computer to complete his friend-napping mission. Next thing I knew, I was taking Patron shots with him at the bar and toasting to life. Or as he put it, me “getting a life” and taking a break from work to enjoy it.

Clearly I didn’t listen very well…

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