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I’m getting married…

August 8th, 2011

Well, I am signing a contract. Same thing, right?
The ol’ ball and chain being Charlotte … You’re stuck with me, for the next 3 years at least.

Apparently I have a face for radio, considering I was given the morning show slot on KISS 95.1 with Otis. As in Ace&TJ’s old time slot.
First order of business: speech therapy … and learn how to quickly fill some big shoes with my little ass feet. Oh, and go buy five more alarm clocks.

I was just sitting behind my computer writing my column, and then Otis shoved a microphone in my face, and before I know it we’re being offered our own morning show. And just like that, my whole life game plan changed.

I have always said that my motive for being an artist is to have a voice, so that I may use it for good. I got what I always wanted I guess, I just never imagined it would manifest in a literal sense, in a career in radio. So I am signing on the dotted line like a woman that just turned 30, ready to settle down.

Please bare with me as I figure out how to transcribe my writings to the spoken word. Like speaking in tweets, 140 characters or less. And without the luxury of editing and having a filter. I have already lost approximately $17 to Otis for saying the S or F words in conversation off the record.

This is going to be a challenge. But Tucker Max, my mentor and boss who didnt realize he’d be paying me in therapy sessions pending any major life decisions, said it best: “Someone wants to employ you to be YOURSELF. Not dumb cheerleader Brittney, not “Miss Brand Name,” or some reality TV whore. YOURSELF, without a mask. You couldn’t get a better deal.”
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