Stuff Brittney Says: People always ask me, "What are you?" Spanish? Italian? Hawaiian? Persian? Armenian? Puerto Rican? Albino Jamaican? ... I'm human, does it matter?

For starters I’m not going to sit here and write my bio in third person as though I’m not the one writing it. And that pretty much sums me up…a girl with no filter. Some people think I’m funny so I’ve managed to make a living being a writer, comedian, TV/morning radio host, spokesperson, emcee, and facilitator of fun. When I’m not walking the thin line between funny and offensive on morning radio, I run a non-profit organization called GIVE T.I.M.E that offers mentoring&tutoring services to at-risk children. Someone needs to teach them to stay in school so they don’t end up in radio. My mission is to entertain others via laughter and provoking thought, using my voice to speak up for others while attempting to make positivity, kindness, and charity what’s cool and popular. I realize that makes me sound like an after school special, but that’s just my motivation for doing what I do. I’d say I’m humble, but wouldn’t that make me sound proud?!

In summation, I’m just the girl next door…to the girl next door, I’m a warrior in the “good fight,” and I’m a dork that likes to make up words and enter them into the Urban Dictionary – Cason-Point

I also fancy myself a digital philosopher because I have tweegrams, see: MY INSTAGRAM PAGE

“There is a loftier ambition than merely to stand high in the world. It is to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher.” ~Henry Van Dyke