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So Why Was I on Fox and Friends?


I know … random, right?

See what happened was, a FOX News producer reached out to me asking if I’ll give my personal insight on the NFL, and now NBA Cheerleader uprising against low wages. Unsure if I was even qualified to do that, I reached out to one of my best friends who’s a TV reporter and told her to decide for me whether or not I should do it. She warned me: “You have some intelligent points to make, but take into consideration that while your sarcasm got you a job in radio, it can get you in trouble on TV.” In other words, don’t try and be funny and say something that will get misconstrued and turn you into a meme.

After making a mental note to not default to making jokes,  I agreed to risk publicly humiliating myself for the sake of using this platform to make a point, and it has little to do with the wage rage I was asked to weigh in on.


I wanted to go on Fox&Friends to talk directly to the millions of young girls out there who think they need to find their identity in a title like “beauty queen” or “cheerleader” — such as I did. But what I came to learn in my experiences, and what I boldly stated in Cosmopolitan Magazine: it’s all a scam — from the social pressure to bear a certain status, to the fact it’s not as pretty behind the curtain…in fact it can be down right ugly. There’s only so many times you can be told you’re fat and not good enough before you start to believe it. And there’s no amount of money that can cover the emotional costs of investing yourself into an impossible pursuit of perfection.

I just want young girls to know that when you don’t find your confidence from within, and seek it from outward things such as a cheerleading uniform or sash and crown, you will never get to admire your own beauty. Find your inner cheerleader and cheer for yourself! 

My uncensored thoughts are this: While I do know of some great coaches and organizations such as the Charlotte Hornets (in which I didn’t even bother auditioning for because I’m not trained enough as a dancer), I sadly hear more horror stories from cheerleaders that have evolved into lawsuits. So after you get your fair wage that you very much deserve, what you really need to consider is not the financial costs, but the emotional ones. Look in the mirror and ask yourself why you need the title of “cheerleader” … because we all know you didn’t do it to support your family considering going in we all knew the pay is crap. The question is why stay in if it’s tearing you down vs. building you up? I admitted on national television that I did it because I needed attention so badly I was willing to sell my soul — let me rephrase that, the pay was so bad it was more like giving it away for free.

If you were born a pretty girl, then you really can’t take credit for your beauty other than maintaining and enhancing it. So perhaps then you should stop and ask yourself why you’ve been given this advantage in life cause it’s not just to become a cheerleader. Young girls look up to you by default, so we should be their cheerleaders encouraging them to recognize their inner beauty and value, and never negotiate their identity regardless of the pay.

Here’s the link to watch the segment: FOX AND FRIENDS