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Vogue. Vogue. Vogue.


Apparently, I am stylish … at least according to Charlotte Style Magazine who named me “Top 5 Most Stylish” in Charlotte for my philanthropy endeavors and alleged keen fashion sense.

As a result I’ve been asked to reveal what my personal “style secrets” are. Well, there really is no secret. Especially because I’m publishing them here …

1. Make sure you don’t have any visible boogers, shave and moisturize your legs, and brush your teeth. I use cavity protection plus whitening toothpaste to go all out.

2. Shop at Target. They have cute clothes that you can browse through before making it to toiletry aisle for pimple cream.

2. Always wear a smile. It goes with any outfit

3. Flaunt your flaws like they’re accessories. Such as the big brown dot on my arm prominently displayed on the cover photo by Erin Hubbs … my birthmark. As well as the scars on my knees from being clumsy (my grade school nickname was “Splitknee”), and the bags under my eyes that when sleep deprived, can get so big you can put groceries in them.

4. When you have an event you have to go to in which you are being deemed stylish, let someone else dress you and do your hair and make-up. Cason-Point: my “Jackie-Ho” look from the Charlotte Style Fashion Week party.
“Pretty in the Queen City” interview. And I also did the “Roger Rabbit” down the catwalk at Martin Truex Jr. Foundation’s Catwalk for a Cause, right before I almost tripped when the hem on my jeans came undone. Whoopsie.