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The 30 year-old Single & Childless Freak!


“The Dirty Thirty?” … Why’s 30 gotta be dirty? I like to call it the “Flirty Thirty” — perhaps because I just turned 30 and I’m saying that to feel better about myself. And apparently turning 30 is newsworthy as it warranted a headline “Party Girl Turns 30” on the cover of the Charlotte Observer with a feature story in the Carolina Living section … no pressure!

Breaking News: I’m old…er!
The way I see it is that my 20s were just practice, and now I have my 30s to do it right.
I learned a lot in my first 30 years as my life went from “don’t talk to strangers” to “talk to as many strangers as possible” … and I’ve learned a lot in the first thirty days in my 30s as well.

For starters, 30 is not a relationship deadline! What is the rush to the altar at 30? … especially in the south. Our eggs do not expire at 30. They don’t have the shelf-life of dairy. My mom had me when she was 40 — 30 years ago, before fertility was a scientific experiment. I had so many people ask me about being single at 30, I had to write a column about it on my newly launched blog just to get them to shut up: Love, BrittneyThe Flirty Thirty

And when I do eventually get married, I’m not having a big wedding. Lesson learned from my 30th birthday party. I was Birthdayzilla
Cason-Point: A photo gallery from my 30th birthday party … or should I say, photographic evidence? 😉

Oh, and mostly, 30 doesn’t feel any different than 29. Or 21 even.