Stuff Brittney Says: People always ask me, "What are you?" Spanish? Italian? Hawaiian? Persian? Armenian? Puerto Rican? Albino Jamaican? ... I'm human, does it matter?

Outtakes of myself, basically being myself …


The 3 Wide Life editors made this outtakes reel of me. You may laugh AT me more than with me, but it will make you laugh …

Watch video here: 3WL Homage to Brittney

And it’s also funny how watching this video makes me want to get botox. Or stop talking with my eyebrows so much at least. And it’s funny that the outtakes are merely me being myself. Because that’s all I am, whether the cameras are rolling or not. But apparently I think it’s a comedy show vs. a motorsports one.
Shout out to my 3 Wide crew for compiling this, even if it is to make fun of me!
And shout out to 3 Wide Life crew member Shane Hmiel in his race to recovery. Read the personal article I wrote on the Real Deal on